Digital Retinal Imaging

We use cutting-edge digital imaging technology to assess your eyes. Many eye diseases, if detected at an early stage, can be treated successfully without total loss of vision. Your retinal Images will be stored electronically. This gives Dr. Dubé a permanent record of the condition and state of your retina.

This is very important in assisting Dr. Dubé to detect and measure any changes to your retina each time you get your eyes examined, as many eye conditions, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration are diagnosed by detecting changes over time.

The advantages of digital imaging include:

  • Quick, safe, non-invasive and painless
  • Provides detailed images of your retina and sub-surface of your eyes
  • Provides instant, direct imaging of the form and structure of eye tissue
  • Image resolution is extremely high quality

Currently, OHIP does not offer coverage for advanced diagnostic testing such as Digital Retinal Imaging.

Dr. Dubé recommends all patients have a Digitlal Retinal Imaging at each comprehensive eye examination to ensure having a digital record of your retinal health on which to accurately monitor changes over time.